The great pissed yellow sun

Ladies and Gents, live from our practice room, heres The great pissed yellow sun. 

In your face, Corona. 

Anchor in Ink – The great pissed yellow sun (live)
Anchor in Ink - The great pissed yellow
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Death & Salt

The New EP By ANchor in INk

To capture the raw energy of their live shows, Anchor in Ink recorded the new songs in a live setting at Demolition Room Studio Kiel. "Death & Salt" was produced by Ulf Nagel with Artwork by René Hübner. It will be released September 21, 2018.

The Day the Captain died


The new Single by Anchor in Ink


Listen here:


Anchor in Ink


Anchor in Ink, that's six men from Kiel, the northernmost part of Germany, where you can smell the winds of the Baltic. They sing of the sea.

Of blokes, of pubs, of booze-ups. Of missed chances. Of revolting against yet another one.

They tell muddled lore and tales about lost characters. Their tunes stumble and sway like a sozzled sailor after a long passage, who still hears the swooshing of the waves and the racket from Rosie's Bar. Who needs a last beer. And a Gin. And who can't get this mandolin-solo out of his head.

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